Exploding blocks

I want to use a block for boolean subtractions and I have read that I should explode the block first. However what I have found is that if I explode the block, the layers that were not displayed also appear. Is there anyway to prevent the “not displayed” layers from appearing? Or alternatively can I create a block only containing the displayed layers.



Hi Sunil - if you explode a block all of the objects defining the block will be returned - that is the purpose of the command - so, if I understand you, no, you can’t just explode the currently visible objects.


Ok. So is there is a possibility to make a block of just visible elements? My object contains a number of profiles which I do not have appearing in the block.


Having the same problem here. We have set up a file with the Swiss coordinate system as origin point for the exchange with our specialists and this file contains another Rhino File as a block in which we actually design. This way we avoid elements too far away from the origin point. If I want to export the file for our specialists I need to explode the block else all layers from the embedded file will also be exported. At this point the layer visibility gets destroyed as every layer will be turned on. That’s very inconvenient.
There should be an option to explode blocks while remaining the visibility status of the layers in the block.