Expand/offset curves or boundaries of alphabet characters

Hi Community,

I am trying to offset curves but am getting inconsistent results. Attached is an image showing the inconsistency that I haven’t figured out how to solve. I have many different curves that form different words. Basically the curves form different letters of the alphabet. Some letters have holes and I haven’t figured out how to organize them so that the offset curves component won’t pick inconsistent directions for the offset.

After searching online and trying some different approaches, I’m still getting inconsistent results when I feed GH new curves.

I tried these:

I also tried offsetting to both sides and then filtering for the longer curves but since some letters have holes I couldn’t figure out how to filter for the smaller curves of the holes.

Thanks for the help.

If your text curve directions are consistent, you can do this by separating the external and internal curves.
However, this does not guarantee that will work well in all your cases.
Wombat plugin was used to generate text.

TextCurveOffset_re.gh (12.4 KB)

Hi Hyungsoo,

Thank you for the help.

Is there a way to make the curve directions consistent before feeding them into the offset?

Thanks again.

Try to use Flip Curvewith guide curve(G input) that has a direction you want to unify curve directions right after your initial text curves.