Closed Curve Offset Direction Problem


I want to offset some closed curve and had a direction problem.
So I tried offsetting in both Inner and Outer direction to choose shorter length but that didn’t work either.

could you help? (197.4 KB)

Thanks for your attention.

This got to be INSANE!!!

First, I tried many different schemes using Flip Curve before giving up and trying the method you suggested:

That worked for me in five of the eight cases so… I decided to copy one set of surfaces to all eight positions, which involved some tricky sorting of points and tree branching. The first set of surfaces on the left are copied to all eight positions (white group) and the offset curves at the bottom (green group) then worked fine. :man_facepalming: (209.0 KB)

It’s a small step from there to use the offset curves to split the surfaces and make holes (cyan group): (212.3 KB)


Thanks so much for your efforts :smiling_face_with_tear:
Now I’ll be able to go on with my project! Thanks again!

You might want to ask yourself how those apparently identical surfaces got messed up somehow?

OK I’ll look through that too.

They are far from the origin (186K units), which sometimes can cause problems, though these are not extreme. It’s always curious, though, to see how small differences can have big effects down the line.


Interesting thought but I tried moving them to the origin and it didn’t help.

Adjusting the seams of the closed curves does the trick. They all come to a point at the top, so I moved the seam there. (198.0 KB)



WAY easier! :+1: