Excel Trust Setting for writing

My excel write component was working fine this week. Whenever I toggled true (screenshot), excel would open and write the data. however every time it worked, a dialog box would open asking me “Yes” or “No” each time I opened it, I would always click yes and everything worked fine.

A few hours ago, I accidentally clicked “No” and now there is an error with the component and no file is being written. Worst of all, the dialog box doesn’t open anymore and I don’t remember what it said when ExcelWrite was working properly.

Did I remove the permissions for Grasshopper or lunchbox to write to excel?? Is there a way to reset this setting and allow the component to write to excel again?

Thank you

any help is appreciated.

Solution: Triple-double check inputs.

The dialog box was just a coincidence as I accidentally changed the file path in the panel to be an invalid path. After correcting this, it works again.