Excel in Grasshopper: WIP

To open, edit, create and save xlsx | csv files

Using ReoGrid


That looks awesome! Could this be used for documentation purposes on say a small/medium architecture project?:grinning:

Hi, it is as describes to open ,edit create and save but not all excel functions.
Maybe you find it useful after testing, i will add it to Fennec Addon soon

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Adding some buttons: Copy, Paste, Select All, Clear

When you open your CSV file where you have added four values to the second column before saving these four values show up on the third column…

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Hi @nathanletwory
I will check it , maybe this is a bug

Thanks @nathanletwory , i test it again and the same error
I think this is a bug , i will contact the developer about it
The same error in their editor:

Looks like there are two bugs according to your screenshot:

The shift of values from B to C, but also the empty row 2 is missing on the right.

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Yes , i hope they fix that
From their website saving to csv is not possible but they have another method to export.
Maybe i will disable this and use regular csv export in ironpython

Some options added: Merge, Unmerge, Borders… and input to create excel file.
We can add many sheets to the same files with different datas.


Some options added

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I try to convert the form to a component but i don’t find the right way.
Any help is very appreciated

When i use: form.Show(Grasshopper.Instances.ActiveCanvas)
I cant add values when navigating in the table (like in excel)
Using: form.ShowDialog() solve the problem but the can’t use Grasshopper in this case
Is there a way to use ShowDialog like Show(Grasshopper.Instances.ActiveCanvas)

For now this work fine:



When do you think you’ll add this to Fennec?


Until i can compile it to ghpy component, right now i don’t find a way.

More options added:

  • Switching between edit mode and read-only.
  • Disable and enable receiving data from Grasshopper.
  • Two lists of colors (long and short).
  • Formulas can created with strings from Grasshopper.
  • Border sides.
  • Create and edit different sheets on the same file and every sheet can receive different data from Grasshopper.




Available now in food4rhino


I can’t access this for some reason.