Evolute of a curve

This is a homework question, I recently started a parametric design course but the math is hard for me to navigate coming from only basic college algebra. Below is the assignment and my attempt at it with a very indirect approach. Can anyone give me a pointer on how to do this the right way?



evolute elipse.gh (5.2 KB)

Something like that ?


Yes and no, that helped me visually get what I needed, by using Divide Curve on the polyline and connecting those to the original divided points.

This is kind of cheating through right? I didn’t get the normal of the Frenet Frame (whatever that is) and invert the curvature to obtain the radius to create the center, and what not. I mean, maybe we did, it’s the same result. I understood enough to get close, and to post here for help to straighten out my approach but I’m ignoring the math, which is what gets me in trouble.

That’s more a debate to have with my professor though, I suppose. Thanks @laurent_delrieu


Or an iterative option (you’ll need Anomenoe for this to work).

evolute.gh (11.0 KB)

PS: if you really need the solution to reproduce exactly the method in the exercise check froGH from Co-de-iT:

It has a component named Frenet-Serret Frame; the curvature evaluation is available in the native Gh.
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If you want to “cheat less”, use line line intersection