Need to do a polyline but the points are not in order! help (2.4 KB)

what i want to achieve is what is shown in bordeaux in the image

This should work even if you’re not near the origin.

unnamed (2) (4.9 KB)

You’re welcome, and I have no idea what you mean with respect to division of the curve, unless it’s something like this:

this is what i wanna achieve (3.0 KB)

You can surely use the convex hull component.

And as it seems English is not your primary language

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I forgot about Convex Hull, and “Thank you” is a universal, it has nothing to do with what your native language happens to be.

Im so sorry akilli! It was because I was in a rush! Thank you very much! Sorry again for not being polite!

polylines with (8.1 KB)

Thanks!!! And sorry for the misunderstanding again :smiley: