EtoCollapsibleSection and Scrolling


Can anybody give me a hint on this ?

If I insert a Panel into a EtoCollapsibleSection and the Height of the Parent Container is
smaller than height of the panel I would expect to see a vertical scrollbar

It does not happen so instead of a Panel I have inserted a Scrollable

EtoCollapsibleSection Section;
Scrollable scroll_panel;
Section.Content = scroll_panel

Even in this case No vertical scrollbar appears, Horizontal Yes, Vertical No

Now all this seems a Bug to me, I am used to Qt where all this stuff was quite automatic and simple


Nobody ???
EtoCollapsibleSection seems to be rhino control no info is available anywhere


@curtisw - is this something you can help with?

This image to show how a panel is unusable
without a vertical scroll bar

I have seen other issues with the EtoCollapsibleSectionHolder not updating vertical size
so there is something wrong with this


In any case as a partial solution inserting the control on a splitter
makes it work. So it seems the best way to go at the moment


Hm, I’m not entirely familiar with the EtoCollapsibleSectionHolder infrastructure. @JohnM and @maxsoder would probably know more of how to get the sections to automatically grow.

As for this particular issue, I would recommend one of the following:

  1. Set the height of the TreeGridView to something reasonable.
  2. Put the TreeGridView in an expandable/scaled row so that its height takes up only the available space.

Either of these options will make the TreeGridView present its own scrollbar, which is often a better experience for users as then the other elements on the panel will still be visible.

Hope this helps.

I tested this and I think it is a bug in the Holder. I made a fix for it.

The fix will be in v7.2.

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