ObjectPropertiesPage scroll issues

I am facing an issue with my ObjectPropertiesPages. Anytime the content exceeds height of modal, scrollbar appears. Problem is, that scroll is registered only when my mouse is over the scrollbar whereas trying to scroll with mouse over my sections doesn’t do anything.
I guess related issue is, that anytime panel is scrolled down and content gets updated (afte rmoving the object for example), weird glitches appear.

Is there anything special I have to do in order to make it work? I followed all the github tutorials I could and don’t have a feeling there is anything special about my case.
I am using eto.forms


Hi @h.kirchner94,

Since you’ve registered an object properties page, I believe you can just use a Eto.Forms.Panel, and not a Eto.Forms.Scrollable, as the panel host should do the scrolling for you. But I can only speculate without some sample code to view and/or run.

– Dale

Hi @dale,
The scrolling issue I was trying to describe happens when my settings page(Eto.Forms.Panel) uses EtoCollapsibleSectionHolder with EtoCollapsibleSection Added.

    public class LongTestSection : EtoCollapsibleSection
    public override LocalizeStringPair Caption => new LocalizeStringPair("LongSection", "Long Section");

    public override int SectionHeight => this.Content.Height;

    public LongTestSection()
        Content = new TableLayout()
            Padding = 10,
            Spacing = new Size(10, 15),
            Rows =
                new TableRow(new Label(){ Text="Row" }),
                //...(more lines)
                new TableRow(new Label(){ Text="Row" }),
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Also, an be the content of EtoCollapsibleSection dynamic (especialy height)?
I have a problem to dynamicaly change height of one section (by hiding some parts).
It’s quite hard to provide sme example. But maybe there are some things to be careful with?

Hi @h.kirchner94,

It’s probably best if you can provide us a full working sample that doesn’t work the way you want.


– Dale

Hi @dale
Here is siplified version of plugin I am trying to develop.
The point is: plugin computes aditional data for objects in view (example project only takes curves). Besides object itself, there are another data needed for calculations and users can fill them through ObjectPropertiesPage.
The same page also includes calculated results (height of the section depends on input that user filled in)
And my problems are:

  1. Collapsible sections do not register scrolling
  2. After calculation is done - UI should get updated. It does but it also breaks the layout

I would be really grateful for any hint because I cannot figure out what am I doing wrong.
Test.zip (97.4 KB)

Hey @dale, did you have time to take a look at the sample?
It has been few days since I posted it and sadly I wasn’t able to make it work on my own.

Hey @h.kirchner94,

Sorry I missed this. I’ll try to have a look this week.

– Dale

Hi @h.kirchner94,

The solution should to turn off the scroll bars from the section.

m_holder = new EtoCollapsibleSectionHolder();
m_holder.UseScrollbars = false;

I’ve noticed that doing the above with Rhino 6 for Windows makes the sections disappear. This doesn’t seem to be a problem with Rhino 7 for Windows or Rhino for Mac. I’ve logged the issue.


– Dale