Rhino Material panel resizing

I need the tree control to grow as the panel grows. Is this possible please?

For reference, the tree is in a RhinoWindows.Controls.RenderContentUserControlCollapsibleSection. So I need it to expand and not the Notes panel.



@maxsoder is there a way to have this work as requested?

I do not think it is possible. This is the MFC version maybe @johnc knows more?

There actually used to be support for this - I will log this as a bug.


I have fixed this in the MFC section / holder system but the fix is only in C++ / MFC. @maxsoder is going to add the fix to the C# side. For the record, here’s how to use the fix in MFC:

In your section code you have to override OnAttachedToHolder() and call SetFullHeightSection() :

void CMySection::OnAttachedToHolder(IRhinoUiHolder& holder)


This fix should be available in version 7.3


Thanks. My plugin is written in C#, so please let me know when it is fixed there.


Please fix this ! It is really painful …

Yes, the bug is in my list and I will start working on it this week.

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Thank you, it is really appreciated !