ETO for mac Visual Designer?

Hi all.

I am near final area of porting about 30 tools to a plugin, my problem is I want grasshopperesque controls, which are dead simple to create in winforms, and of course work fine in r5 and r6… but i want to be able to service mac platform too, meaning i have to go ETO,

I can find some code examples of how to do this, but its like going back to 1990 and hard coding the components in python TK. This means if i need to get back in there later its a nightmare to change code.

I tried using the eto VS snapin tool but cannot find its visual designer component that will allow me to manipulate sliders etc graphically.

Can anyone point me to a simple easy to understand tutorial on how to get ETO working similarly to just using visual studio forms designer?

Many Thanks!

Well, bashed my head for long enough with this issue, and decided simply not to support mac natively. There are several ETO packages available, but none that offer simple to use interface like the visual designer interface.

Does anyone know of a GOOD windows to mac windows.forms wrapper instead I can bundle?