Error while saving Grasshopper files in parallel instances

Dear all,

I am working on a project where I have to generate geometries using Rhino Grasshopper in parallel instances (and in batch). When trying to save the Grasshopper projects I sometimes have the following error:

From my interpretation, it seems that in order to save the .ghx project, GH uses an intermediate file which can be common to the different opened instances. In case it cannot be accessed, it requests to save directly (yes please do!), but it requires user action.
NB: looking at the picture above, each instance of GH has its own .ghx file located in its own _flow_###### folder, so I don’t even understand why GH thinks it is accessed by another process.

Grasshopper is controlled in batch using a python script containing the following type of commands ( GH_RhinoScriptInterface Class):
GH = Rhino.RhinoApp.GetPlugInObject(“Grasshopper”)

When commenting the line GH.SaveDocument() I have no problem anymore.

My questions:

  1. I couldn’t find any information about this error message on Internet, any idea? Could you confirm/infirm my suspicions about the common intermediate save file?
  2. Do you see a way to save the document directly by default?
  3. Do you see a way to make sure that the different instances of Rhino (and Grasshopper) that I open simultaneously are perfectly independent?

Many thanks in advance for any help you could provide!

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Hello everyone,

Any clue? It would would be really helpful knowing why this popup is triggered, in order to investigate.

Best regards,