Error while calling UniformlyDistLoad constructor


I am trying to use the UniformlyDistLoad Constructor UniformlyDistLoad Constructor
But I am unable to import it and I am not sure why

code below

using Karamba.Loads;

var test = new UniformlyDistLoad ();

Error below

1. Error (CS0246): The type or namespace name 'UniformlyDistLoad' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) (line 174)

Ultimately I want to build a Uniformly distributed load for a beam, otherwise is this possible through the Karambacommon. toolkit?

Any suggestions would be greatly helpful! @ Clemens Preisinger
Thanks !!

Hello @moo,
in Karamba3D 2.2.0 UniformlyDistLoad is obsolete and has been replaced by Karamba.Loads.Beam.DistributedForce. The old functionality is available under ‘UniformlyDistLoad_OLD’.
– Clemens

okay got it! thanks for replying