C# component in grasshopper not finding my assembly

Hi there,

I am trying to use the C# component with Karamba references, but it can’t find the namespace of the Karamba references. When I add the DLL, it still gives me the error that it can’t find the namespace.

How do I fix this?



After adding the dll/gha , have you added the:

using Karamba;

at the top of the script?

I have the using line at the top and have added the DLL and gha file. But i dont have the intellicode when i press the . after an constructor. How do I get that? Her is the code I use.

Check that the files are unblocked (right click > properties).
Remove all the code and try with only "using … " and “Karamba.” and see if it prompt the dropdown intellicode.

Also, if the 2 have the same name, dll and gha, try using only one at time.
(or maybe specify using Karamba.dll; and using Karamba.gha; … not sure…)

Everything is unblocked, since I dont see any Unblock button at the properties of the files. Even if I use the gha or DLL file, both times it can’t find the namespace or the CroSec_Beam constructor.

And still the intellicode doesn’t work.

EDIT: It still says it cant find the namespace of the line 13 (where the using is typed).

Use a new, empty c# script.
Only add a single library, open the editor, add the “using Karamba;” and try writing in the code “Karamba.”

(Intellicode in C# in grasshopper will stop working if the code have errors…)

For me it’s working, and i’m using the first found karamba.gha from github…

Thanks, that works now. The gha file workt but the DLL file doesn’t work. But I still can’t get to use the CroSec_Beam constructor, because its not in the gha assembly namespace.

Install karamba on your pc.
2022-07-01 11_38_47-Assembly References
2022-07-01 11_38_09-Referenced Assemblies

This works. Intellicode… No errors…

It was the karambaCommon DLL that I needed. Now I can see the Intellicode with the constructors. I first used only karamba.dll and .gha. Thanks a lot @maje90 !