Error saving file

when I want to export the extension file (. skp) an error occurs … “saving error file xxxxx.skp”
Need your help…

Hi - we’ll need more details on this.
Which version of Rhino are you running? Does the issue happen with any file or a specific one? etc…

Rhino 5…
The issue happen with (.skp) extension only…
What is solution??

Does it happen with any model or only a specific one?
Could you post a file that is giving you trouble?

its happen with any model…

Hi - please make sure that the plug-in is enabled in the PlugInManager.


The plug-in (sketchup export) is enabled [:heavy_check_mark:]

Hi - Are you running the 32-bit or 64-bit version? Is the problem present in both versions?
Have you tried repairing your Rhino installation? (Windows Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Rhinoceros 5)

64 bit version.
i have been reinstall rhino but the issue still happen.

Just for testing purposes, could you please try this on the 32-bit version?