Export .skp error

Im not sure why but Ive gotten an error when trying to export a rhino model as a .skp file. The error message is in the lower left corner. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks

Sadly a screenshot doesn’t help much in this case.
I just tried using Export to SKP and it worked fine.
That suggests something is messed up with your file.
Can you post it please?


I’ve just downloaded the latest WIP, and when I go to export to SKP in 2015 format I get an ‘spinning beachball’ type hang which requires a force quite.

The problem seems to involve rhino spheres. When a make a new file with a cube in it is is fine, but if I add in a sphere it hangs. If I convert the sphere to a mesh it is not a problem, but if I leave it as a sphere primative it hangs.

cheers Peter