Error: Resulting Extrusion is degenerated in Rhino8

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I’m encountering something strange when trying to extrude some curves. I’m getting the warning Resulting Extrusion is degenerated. In Rhino7 there was no problem, but with Rhino8 I’m getting it. I found a workaround with just doing it in C#, but curious why it’s happening? (20.6 KB)

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Yes, this was reported recently. I’ll look into it right away.


@AndyPayne I’ve reported this before here as well - I’m no longer using R8 Beta and have purchased the official 8 upgrade, and it’s still happening. What’s more ironic now is that extrusions don’t ‘move’ as I mention in that other topic, they actually seem to work right now, but with the ‘degenerate extrusion’ error message still showing.

This should be fixed in the next public build of Rhino 8.2


Having the same issue. Updated to 8.3 today.

Resulting Extrusion is (10.7 KB)


I just tested your file in Rhino 8.4.24022.1001 and it worked as expected. Can you try upgrading to a newer service release?

Where do I find 8SR4?

Not picked up here when checked:

Or here, when searched:


@AndyPayne - got it. Was available today when I checked. H

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