Error importing solidworks file to Rhino

Hi, I am having issues importing a SolidWorks assembly into Rhino 5.0 for windows. The import results in an empty screen when opening the file, or an error when importing. Is there a specific year format that I should request instead?

I’m not sure what the current supported versions are for SolidWorks part and assembly files. Generally Rhino is one or sometimes two versions behind because the function libraries we use for reading the file format have not been updated.

Another common mistake uses make with Assembly files is the Part files the Assumbly references all need to be in the same folder as the Assembly when it’s imported.
Assembly files have no geometry defined in them. They are only transforms.

Thanks John, I am told they are unable to save a SolidWorks file in a backwards file version. Is is better to use an IGES file or some other file type? The file is a 3D model of a truss, so I am not sure what would work best in this case.

Hello - STEP format is usually best. Iges will also work.


STEP uses block instances instead of the way Rhino uses Layers.
IGES surfaces are not automatically Joined when imported.
Either system you use will require a bit of cleanup, but the surface and curve integrity from both STEP and IGES are excellent. Just the “housekeeping” is a little different.

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Thanks Pascal and John! Really appreciate your feedback. -Allie