Error : Create new C++ Plug-in project in Visual Studio 2017

I have tried to create some plugins in visual studio 2017 and I downloaded vs2017 and rhino SDK while following tutorials(
However, I got an error showing below when create a new project in VS2017.

Unable to read the project file “test.vcxproj”.
C:\users\t\Desktop\test\test.vcxproj(49,5): The imported project
“C:\users\t\Desktop\test\PropertySheets\Rhino.Cpp.PlugIn.props” was not found. Confirm that the path in the declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk.

I confirmed that .props file is not in test folder. test folder what automatically created has only test.vcxproj file.
How should I deal with it ??

My environment: Win 10, Rhinoceros 6


Hi @takehirosakurai,

There is a bug in the Rhino 6 SR1 SDK installer in that it creates the wrong registry key. Try this:

1.) Uninstall the Rhino 6 SR1 SDK

2.) Install this version, which is Rhino 6 SR0.

The name of downloaded msi should be rh60sdk_6.0.18016.23451.msi.

Does this help?

– Dale

Thanks, Dale

It works. but a new error occurred in testing.
I followed the tutorial on below page.

It works up to “Boilerplate Build”.
When it started debugging, there are 70 errors related to opennurbs(attached pic).

There is no name of plug-in in rhino options.
How should I do with it?

Hi @tak,

Set your Error List to only view Build Only messages.


– Dale

Dear Dale,
Thank you for your quick reply.
However, there is still a problem.
I followed tutorials and progressed showing below.

  1. Open testPlugIn.cpp and modify some lines and delete #error line.
  2. Start debugging
  3. rhino 6 automatically run

In above step 3, I can not find new plug-in named test in Tools>Options>Plug-ins in rhino 6.
Are there some omissions above procedure?


Did you try to load it?

In plugins manager browse .rhp file load it and then run it via command line

Dear Petras,
It worked! Thank you!
it was just the rudiment.