Create new C++ Plug-in project in Visual Studio 2017

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I need to upgrade some of my old Rhino c++ Plugins.
Not able to create c++ plugin in VS 2017.

Which version of SDK wizard I should use? Only one version is available for Rhino 6.

Current version is not working.
I tried to use rh64sdk_6.4.18130.19341
No other version is available.

What does this mean? Can you not create a new Rhino plug-in project?

Again, more information what that this means would be helpful.

– Dale

Hi Dale, no I am not able to create a plugin from first page. The screenshot you gave , it come back again and again to that same page.

Hi @tsiddikee,

Without any more details, my first guess is that you don’t have enough C++ components installed for the wizard to work. Re-run the Visual Studio Installer (Click on Cortana and enter “Visual Studio Installer” and modify your installation.

– Dale

Thanks Dale! It worked !

I have the same issue. I installed everything described here:


What exactly did you additionally install to make it work.


Found it myself. All checkboxes on the right side have to be activated (xp support, Win10 sdk…).

Sorry, Just today opened Discourse forum and saw your question. Yes I have installed almost everything to avoid any more trouble.