Error after installing Decoding Spaces plugin

I recently installed Decoding Spaces toolbox version 2020.05.

Post installation, I am getting lots of errors when I start Grasshopper. I have enclosed screenshots of the same. I unblocked the zip file and did exactly as per the installation instructions given here.

What should I do to stop these errors?

Better contact DecodingSpaces team directly via the contact form on their website. Plus include more details and not just plain screencaps, like OS + version, Rhino version and so on.

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Okay. Thanks.


I have this plugin. There was no error (for me) while installing.

Screenshot (235)


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Thanks for replying BVR. The toolbar for this plugin has been showing up since the beginning when I created this thread.

However, in comparison to 65 components as seen in your case, I am getting only 52 components.


I have no clue on this.

The error does not show up in the latest version of DeCodingSpaces i.e. 2020.07. It was released recently.

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Hi there, I am also trying to install Decoding Spaces plug-in, the latest release 2020.07. Do you know if it also works for Mac? So far I only found one place in their website where it states that Windows is required, but I heard from other people that it worked for macOS as well. Is that right?

If the answer is simply that it does not work for mac, then it’s clear . But if it could work in a mac, I would like to ask any of you, kind souls, how is it installed exactly. I am unsure which files I need to put in the Libraries folders. Everything inside the unzipped folder apart from User objects?

Many thanks for your help

I just unblocked the zip file and copy pasted the extracted folder in my libraries folder.

I am using windows machine. I never used mac. I think maybe you haven’t unblocked your zip file?