Error 401 on RhinoCompute


I built the environment on AWS Windows Sever 2019 according to
The version information could be got from my desktop computer by accessing http://my_server_Adress /version.
I tried to run the file in the compute.rhino3d-samples to get the results of the calculation on this server, but it produced an error in the form of the following.

“POST /rhino/geometry/brep/createbooleanunion HTTP/1.1” 401

I thought it was an Auth error because of 401, so I tried the RhinoAccount password and the Compute.Rhino3d AuthToken created by a team with a core-hour billing license, but the error didn’t change.
What else is required for authentication?

Did you set up an API key when you ran the bootstrap script? Those samples and the RhinoCompute.cs file that they use need to be updated to send the API key in the correct header. I’ll get that done ASAP!

Thank you, will.
I was able to successfully run the calculation by adding the following to the headers in RhinoCompute.cs

request.Headers.Add(“RhinoComputeKey”, API key);

That was helpful.


Glad you got it working. I’ve updated the RhinoCompute.cs file in the compute repo.

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Thank you @hiron and @will!

Note for anyone connecting to the Compute Server via Node.js. Add the API Key to the RhinoCompute Instance, then send your request.

let RhinoCompute = require('compute-rhino3d')
RhinoCompute.url = "Compute-URL"
RhinoCompute.apiKey = "API key" code goes here