Compute Rhino API Key Authentification

I have a compute.rhino server running in network like described in the Installation Guide. It works great, but I always have to parse my authToken from
In the “Getting Started” they use an email adress as API key instead. How can this be done?

I have seen that there is an evironment variable one can change the authentification method from RHINO_ACCOUNT to API_KEY. However, I cannot get this to work. Anybody an idea?

By default, the frontend doesn’t require any authentication at all. If you’ve configured your Compute server is configured to use RHINO_ACCOUNTS, then try changing the COMPUTE_AUTH_METHOD environment variable to API_KEY instead and restart Compute.

The Getting Started doc doesn’t explicitly mention using the API_KEY auth method. I last updated this doc in December. Are you reading an older version? Sorry, I think you were actually talking about this Getting Started guide!

Please note, we added the RHINO_ACCOUNT and API_KEY auth methods merely as ways to see who is using the server. Neither method restricts access to your server. You can see the implementations of both methods in the code.