Error _Flow to curve and Twist

I would like to expose this, the flow command is generating cornering me this error
with this easy because I can use another method. I already tried everything .ect curves soften …
but when I try other things flow as I do

Lazo-error-flow.3dm (14.5 MB)

Lazo-error-flow.3dm (14.5 MB)

another question, no way the command Twist
one has to adding the amount of turns, and not be turning manually?

Hi Vikthor - try: Select all the inputs in the Top view, RemapCPlane to Front and try again - any luck that way?


Hi pascal,
Thank you for answering pascal
does not work, the error only shifts a little more up _flow

and the twist command, there is some to enter the number of turns?

and with the pen if I run