Erroneous Returns from Multiply Component RH6.10

Is it just me, or is the ‘Multiply’ component generating extra/erroneous results?

(I also had similar errors (not documented here) when multiplying a number and a vector, presumably because numbers were generated that were not vectors…)

Thx in Advance,
-dt (30.8 KB)

RH version = 6.10.18279.17351, 10/06/201

The problem is, what is 0.125 times nothing? Is it nothing? Is it 0.125? You expect the former, Grasshopper is doing the latter.

The multiplication component has a variable number of inputs, so Grasshopper ignores missing inputs, otherwise a single missing input results in no outputs at all.

I understand this is not always the right thing to do, but then no matter what behaviour I pick it will always be the wrong one in some cases.

Here you can fix it by making sure your multiplication constant has the same data layout as your numbers. The easiest way to achieve that is just to duplicate the constant as often as needed and then unflatten it:


Hey DR- thx for the quick reply.
Took me a second to comprehend that, but I get what you’re saying.
GH is generating “xtra” data-points because .125*nothing is resolved in a particular way.
It’s possible I haven’t had too many data trees w/ empty paths previously, so never caught this behavior before… But noted!