Value displaying after multiplication even when the first value is not provided

Hi all!

I am multiplying two numbers, one number at “A” is provided from the output of another operation and the other number at “B” is set to “60” in the multiplication component.

But when the first number is not provided even then it is playing the second number which is set to “60”. Why is it happening? Cant it just show “0” instead ot “60” when the first number is not received at the “A” component of multiplication?

The file and screenshot are attached here. (2.8 KB)

Value 60 is already set in B data, so even if you don’t plug anything the output will be 60. See the attached image.


Is there any way to get “0” AT “R” with “60” at “B” and nothing at “A” ?

I’m on Rhino 5, but it throws a red exception if empties are used - possible bug?

work around attached: (5.9 KB)

Hi - suggested reading: