Cross Product

Hello all,
This issue might be linked to this Vector CrossProduct bug?
Still I am not sure so feel free to delete or move this.

Please see the image below

Basically, I expect that a cross product of two opposed normalized vector v1 = (0,0,-1) and v2 = (0,0,1) will give us v3 = (0,0,0).

The cross product in gh seems to be a bit off when you activate the unitized option.

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It must be a tolerance issue. The zero of one vector is surely not exactly zero. Could you post your file or inspect the real values of inputs ?

Here the file. It is indeed a tolerance issue. I compared with true Z and -Z and the result is (0,0,0) (8.6 KB)

These are rounded values. The Grasshopper panels do not show all 16 significant digits as it would make numbers very hard to read. If you want to see the true value of your numbers, format them using the R formatter.