Entry code in the script component


Where is the code entry in the C # script component? (like Python component)


Think UX.

Hi -

I don’t know where you got your Python component.
This is from the latest in-house Rhino 8 WIP:

Besides that, would you rather type your code in a Grasshopper Panel than in the code editor?

Hello @wim
I just purchased the Rhino 7 license today.
(To display the code entry of the Python component it must be enabled in the context menu)

But I can’t find anything in the C # component.
However, I was convinced that I could now edit a text file with our own text editor.

Personally, I prefer to edit my codes with VSCode or VisualStudio.
The Rh / Gh code editor is a bit handy, and frankly a code editor is specific software and not an internal feature. You’re not going to reinvent VS … :slight_smile:

I have done several tests to debug C # or VB scripts, and it is already quite possible with Rhino 6, the source code just needs to be a file saved on the hard drive.

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Hi -

FWIW, The code editors in Rhino 8 are being reinvented and with Grasshopper being rewritten to become Grasshopper 2, I don’t know if we’ll be prioritizing updating the C# component but perhaps it’s easily done… I put it on the list as RH-66575.