Visual Code and Grasshopper

Hi guys,

Is it possible to develop C sharp scripts (components) with Visual Code?
Or is it Visual Studio only supported?
Also is there a way of connection between Visual Code and Grasshopper so when both are running I can just save a script in Code and it will be updated in Grasshopper?

Thank you


what do you mean? You can write C# in every text editor. All you need to do is compiling it by using csc.exe
Usually an IDE like Visual Studio does that for you. There is even a template for RH/GH which even simplify working with it even more. So what speaks against using VS Express or Community?
If you use Visual Studio code there is also support for C#. It even includes Intellisense. All you need to do is referencing the Rhino/GH libraries and select the right Dot.Net Framework.
You can of course develop some sort of copy paste automatisation to copy from vsc to the script component. Ideally you could also integrate the editor as a custom script component. The question is, is it worth the work? … I would say no its not.

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Thank you Tom,
I found a great step by step guide on Rhino Dev Help page. Visual Studio works great!