Enscape 3d model Scattering

hi guys, I recently discovered an enscape license in my pc and enjoyed the speed of this engine. Despite the limits I think the engine has potential. One of this limits is the placing of 3d objects from the nice asset library, I have found a workaround with grasshopper.

after loading a model from the library you can place as many instances loading the block definition.

I used Human for the purpose, but you can use any other library. I share the definition which is very rough, but one can add rotations or find a way distribute the points for scattering in a nicer way.

I hope you find it useful.

trees scattering.gh (11.0 KB)

Thank you! Just was i was looking for, really useful!

I tweaked it a litte so I could filter out existing blocks in the model by name wildcards using the Block List component from the Instance Manager/Heteroptera plugin and also added random rotation to all insertion points.

Works great!

trees scattering w rotation.gh (15.8 KB)

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You may be interested in Rhino Nature Released - Enscape was tested during beta tests and it worked with baked geometry (few examples), so as with GH - However my goal is to have Enscape direct integration, so pure fun without baking and with live updates.


it sounds like a great news!!