Enhancement: Smart Track "inner" Control Points

How about a CV-Gumball?

Behavior and feel would be exactly like the current Gumball. You select the CV and the Gumball pops up. Each direction has its own handle and the CV is moved by grabbing the handle, just like the current Gumball.

Delta values would also work. Negative values travel along the tangent, positive values extend the tangent.

Also the “Pulling Back” on the polygon to define the tangent would be avoided:

An additional workflow might be activating the CV-Gumball by Control-Polygon regions.

The orange line is the middle of the Control Polygon. Grabbing in one of the areas 1,2,3,4 would fully define a CV and activate the handle right away without letting go of the LMB, making it unnecessary to the select the CV and saving one click per CV-Movement. The other half across the orange boarder (purple) selects the next CV (red circle).

The colors shown are just for explanation. The initial look would be just turning on the CVs without any colors, then clicking in one of the areas (1,2,3,4), the CV-Gumball would get visible.


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