Enhanced materials? New presets? Missing parameters


at the time I’m testing Enscape3D (Rhino5) and this RT plugin based on the Rhino materials. I ask me, what would be the best way to get better materials. For example I’m looking for a textured emitter like a computer screen, but the emissive texture option is missing. Also emissive materials would need an intensity option. Could this be added to the standard Rhino UI?

An other question - is the Rhino IOR parameter working? Could the IOR at 1.5 per default?

There are some material preset like Glass, Metal, … . Is there an easy way to create own material presets?


@andy @nathanletwory @Holo @pascal

I thought about the Rhino material and rebuild the UI at Photoshop. It could be nice to get:

  • fresnel flag option placed by the IOR, enabled per default; if enabled than the IOR parameter is active; moved away from the transparency slider

  • texture slots added for gloss finish (maybe not so important) and reflectivity (important)

  • Bump multiplier should be be free to set above 100%

  • Adv options: Is the Refl. polish really needed or is it the same like gloss finish?

  • Emission color gets a multiplier; multiplier should be free to set above 100% for emitter lighting

  • Emission texture slot added for effects like TFT screens

I try to make the UI a little bit more compact, maybe it could be more compact than my example.

I think, the Emissive options doesn’t need to be advanced options and could be placed like the other material options.

I know, it’s not planed to touch the material UI of v6 now, but I hope to motivate to do it regardless. :wink: If a new Rhino version is released, than this little step could be gone too. It would help a lot for plugins which based on the standard Rhino materials. It’s a good time for a clean up.