EnergyPlus Simulation in Evolutionary Solver

(Davinogiulio) #1

Hi everybody. The algorithm i’m working for my thesis is about energy consumption and/or indoor comfort optimization. In order to complete it, i’m trying to calculate with Octopus or Galapagos wich combination of EpConstruction gives better results. The EnergyPlus Simulation should run for every iteration, and when i tried the simulations actually start… but i can’t see anything at all in the Galapagos or Octopus windows. No graph, no results, no generations at all.
I thought that maybe this could be due to the overwriting of the idf produced by the simulations: if i don’t change a filename for every iteration of the solver, i won’t get any solutions at all. If this is the problem, how could I? I tried to connect in the IdfFileName input of the EnergyPlusSimulation component a Concatenate for copying the filenames… but doing so i should at first wait a simulation for each filename, then start the evolutionary solver, and losing a lot of time. How can i work this out?

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Hi - you might find that they have more experience around this topic over at the LB | HB forum:

(Davinogiulio) #3

Thank you, I solved with connecting a data record in the ResultFileAddress exit… but i’ll check out the same.