Enabling the conduit with a document redraw doesn't render the contents


I am using the CRhinoDisplayConduit::ExecConduit function to draw some items in Rhino.
However, when I manually enable the conduit, the drawing doesn’t show, unless I move the view with the mouse.
That being said, I already have a pipeline.Redraw() at the end of the ExecConduit function and another doc->Redraw() after enabling the conduit.

The ExecConduit() is not trigerred by any redraw function, unless I move the view with my mouse in Rhino.
The call happens a few seconds after. Is there a reason for this delay? I’m using the object Post draw channel.

Is there anything else that needs to be called to trigger the refresh? Thank you

Hi @blondbeer,

We’ll need to see a code sample, that we can run here, to see what’s up.

– Dale