Enable/Disable Geometry by Boolean

Hi together,

the basic idea is: having a boolean. When it is set to true a geometry is enabled. When it is set to false the geometry is disabled?

How can this be done? Thanks in advance!

Do you mean enable/disable the visibility or the Rhino geometry? If so, there is some discussion on some approaches here that might help. There is a ghpython example as well as a plugin by @Michael_Pryor called blindfold.

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thanks @chanley for your sugestion however I still want to process the geometry.
I need something to deactivate the group with the geometry and send meshes if false and it should be actived if true.

ah, I see…I think. This sounds like a job for metahopper. There is a component called “group toggle”. If you add it to the group, and when you toggle it on or off, it disables the components in the group. There are probably a few other ways, using metahopper, to add some other type of “enable/disable” logic.
@andheum might be able to provide some more tips.


The problem with the disable group component is that it has to be clicked on. I found an a little bit weird solution, by using the stream filters with an empty geometry on the second stream. But thank you for your help!