Enable analytical model

Good morning,

I would like to know if there is a possibility to enable in GH the analytical model from RiR. When I unpinned the geometry generated with RiR the analytical model is disabled.


I did this model and at the bottom turned in the analytical model for existing objects.


Thank you very much Scott. It works perfectly.

Do you know how can I select the Analytical elements in GH? I would like to add a comment in the Analytical Beam, but I do not find the way to do it

I would use the Built-in Categories selector to select an analytical beam. We replaced it by the ‘Built-In Categories’ where you can type and search

Or you can use Category type to find all the analytical categories:

Are you able to update Analytical Models lines with RIR?

Christopher, Are you referring to the Joins? or the Structural Members in general?


Structural Elements can be adjusted with Element Curve component.

Wondering if RIR will in the future have a set of components to be able to adjust the analytical line models separate to the framing curve lines set to Revit Framing Families.

Reference - (235) Revit 2023: New workflow for structural analysis - YouTube

This will help a lot with interpretability with structural analysis models.



Very nice! Even though Rhino.Inside.Revit is supported on 2018-23 there is at least one component that uses a newer API (Add Ceiling). If you open RiR in 2019 for instance, it won’t show up in toolbar. There are still a lot of basic tools (Curtain Wall Grids) that apply to all that need to get in which will take priority.

Good news is that looks like a lot of it is exposed in the API (per the Dynamo Configuration widget in the video)

Thanks @Japhy

Having RIR Components to work with the Analytical model elements will help a lot with Structural Project automation.

Examples of how this can help the Structural Engineering Consultants

  • Automatically Updating Member sizes from Analysis to Revit. Mapping Revit Analytical to Structural Analysis Packages.
  • Reviewing Structural Analysis Models to Revit. We are doing this already but having this link will the next step. Highlighting Differences in Revit/Rhino
  • Nodal Review - This is already being done. However, having an updated location in Revit to the Analysis model will be great to have.
  • Having STR Tech Staff & STR Engineering staff working in the same model in Revit with RIR. As the Analytical Lines are separate to the physical Revit Element position to open up this possible
  • Removing the process of Engineering Mark ups. With an Eng looking after the Analytical model in Revit.
  • Engineers Creating 3D Analytical Models in Revit with RIR. I see this being a lot quicker than traditional process. Better Coordination & more accurate Analytical models.

These are just possible ideas… Of how this could work. Looking forward to the future dev of RIR with Revit 2023.



Ok this is sweet…

Mapping with already built Analytical Lines… Would be great to be able to update & build them.

Hi Christopher,

We have a similar workflow but we started from the GH definition
and then map the sizes from engineer design to RIR and at the same time
can be linked as well to structural analysis software using
same GH definition. Passing the information using the Data output and input,
wherein the engineer gh modeler create a Data output and link this for Data
input for RIR modelling.

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Nice @Joel_Ocampo.

Are you mapping Analytical Lines in Revit or Just Structural Framing Curves?

Keen to get the workflow working for updating Analytical Lines in Revit from Analysis.

When you say data output & input… You are using like an Excel spreadsheet to old all the geometry (Nodes XYZ, Beam Names, Member Sizes)

Regards Chris Pires

Hi Christopher,

Our driver is the gh modeler wherein the grid, level and curves
for the analytical line are modelled and controlled here and once
the model is developed it pass to the analysis to create an etabs
model and pass it to RIR modelling as well for BIM.
But we break into different gh definitions as we don’t want
to work on a combined gh definition as gh and revit works
so hard, this only for rapid modelling and proof of concept application.

Kind regards.

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Very Nice Joel…

Happy to see others using RIR on projects in a similar way with creating or reusing analytical models to Revit.

Do you see in the future will being able to manipulate the analytical model in GH to Revit Separate to the Physical Revit Elements, would it help streamline some of your current workflows?

For Pushing Updates & Review from Structural Analysis to Revit.

Hi Christopher,

I think revit 2023 open the doors for utilizing the Analytical
model line for structural designing and it will be nice to
see this interact using RIR.
For the steel section, we used geometry gym for both
analysis and linking revit family.


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Hi @Joel_Ocampo & @Japhy

Is it possible to update the Analytical Member lines?

Changing the line location or the node locations?

The Analytical member are moving independently in Revit 2023 by Element location. However, it’s not possible to update the Curve Location of the Analytical members.

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Hi Chris,
In my case, I am using grasshopper/rhino as the starting curve/line (add this to curve component) and use the add beam component. Input the type and plug inspect element for adjusting the z justification. For element movement x,y, I am adjusting it in grasshopper.


Hi @Joel_Ocampo,

Yeah, that’s the way we are doing it at the moment.

Just won’t work for all types of structural cases.


Having the ID link will also be useful.

They really changed a lot in this regard from Revit 2022 to 2023+, anything in this namespace will only work in the 2023 in above. Some of which will be in only in 2024+, which we haven’t really dug into as of yet with the recent Developer conference schedule.

I don’t have a timeline for when 2024 specific components will be added but when we do we will need your input on desired workflow, these aren’t processes we are particularly familiar with.

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Hi Guys,

Based on Autodesk Revit Presentation last end of 2022, they want to focus more on
the analysis tool being develop and build in Robot analysis and then export to create a Revit
model - This is main part of their roadmap that they are developing this year onward.

Kind regards,