EN commands in DE Rhino recognised yet not executed

Hi all!

I came across a bit of a weird situation today. When writing commands such as Save or CurveBoolean on a German version of Rhino, these commands will be recognised (so no error message “unknown command”) yet not executed. This is in itself a bit confusing since, if you’re not paying attention, you’ll assume the file has been saved while it actually hasn’t.

“No problem”, I thought, “I’ll just add _Save with alias Save, so that it executes the English command no matter what”. But this also doesn’t work, the command gets recognised but it doesn’t execute the alias I assigned to it. In fact, I’d previously found the full list of commands here in the forum and used Grasshopper to append underscore in front of all of them and import them as aliases. Yet, the problem remains: for known commands in English, Rhino will neither execute the original action, execute a defined macro nor give an error message.

Is there some easy workaround, other than using completely new aliases that are different from the predefined commands? (or installing the English interface on Rhino, as soon as I can get hold of someone with admin rights)


Hi Pol -

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce that behavior here:

FWIW, installing the English version sounds like the way to go here.

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Hi Wim,

thanks for taking the time to check!
It does indeed seem like the english commands are only recognised since I added them as Aliases. Still, it’s weird that they then don’t execute. Any idea what might cause that? Probably some other mistake on my side :slight_smile:
Yet, you’re quite right in saying that the easy fix is installing EN Rhino, I was just wondering if there might be some (rather unimportant) bug behind it all. But I can definitely find other easy workarounds for now, so no worries!


Hi Pol -

I can reproduce that part of your report, and it does feel like a bug. I’ll check some more.
RH-70235 Localization: Running aliases with forced English macros doesn’t work

Creating aliases with words in English that run the German command seems to work.

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