Empty Rhino is very resource intensive


(BoinB) #21

I just upgraded to Rhino 6 and I got exactly the same problem as Janis Goldmanis. My notebook stays absolutely silent while running any program (Vectorworks, Sketchup, Photoshop…), but when i start Rhino 6 my cooler fan gets crazy.
I use a DELL XPS15 9570 with a Geforce GTX 1050 Ti and had a very loooooooong conversation with DELL’s technical support. They couldn’t find anything - nevertheless they sent me a new notebook. But it’s still exactly the same with the new one.
Is there any solution by now? Running Rhino with integraded graphics is not a solution.
It’s really annoying, especially in the office.

(David Eränen) #22


Please open task manager while Rhino is open and see which processes are doing work.


(BoinB) #23

Hi David,

  am I looking for a special process?

  There are a lot of processes doing work.

  <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/b/b/bba8d36c8348c8af68e02ede14751e6d243e08c1.png" alt="">

  <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/f/5/f582ff27fbb9977fba04c2fc211024842b454025.png" alt=""><img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/6/f/6f62dcd8321bc077dd924a0fe5283ded92d7d81c.png" alt="">

  <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/d/7/d76aacfa838d30734ef0517e7eeb9c4e1afcca9c.png" alt="">

  <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/0/c/0ca0e701b72e2921b174b42bd7dc2259641b2af5.png" alt="">

  <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/1/b/1b0789b459f0451f5630c536f3135a88afa4293d.png" alt="" width="1324" height="827">

  As you see, gpu and cpu are at <2%.

  There should be no need for the fan...

(Janis Goldmanis) #24

I had the same - no visible reason for fan activity.

Also, at least for me, the laptop became noticeably slower.

Clean start for computer, open only Rhino.
Afterwards even opening MS Excel took some effort having delays between switching cells e.t.c.

Since I have disabled dedicated gpu for Rhino, everything works smooth even with large grasshopper definitions.

(BoinB) #25

@janis.goldmanis You’re right, when i disable my Nvidia gpu for Rhino the fan stays quiet.
But Rhino is not running smooth anymore. Especially in large projects or in “pen”-display mode.
So this could not be a solution for me.

(David Eränen) #26

The common thing I see here is Dell laptop + NVIDIA gpu.

@jeff Is this something you’ve heard of or experienced before?

(Jeff Lasor) #27

Not really…but I’ll see if I can reproduce it here… But even if I can, Rhino can’t control the fans on the GPU or the CPU… If the GPU fans decide to spin up simply because we’re throwing a few frame buffers at it, then what? Aside from the RDK creating cache information to do its thing, once that settles down, Rhino isn’t throwing anything at the GPU while idle. Rhino is not a “constant-framing” system, like game engines are. It only draws something when it has to… So simply just sitting there looking at your screen, Rhino isn’t doing anything… and if the GPU fans decide to spin up, then I have no idea atm why.

I would start TaskManager and look at both CPU and GPU graphs… I would set the GPU graphs to “3D”, “Graphics_1” and “Compute_0”, and see if there is any movement at all while Rhino is idle. Then, with a mediocre scene loaded, spin the view and go into Raytraced mode, and watch where the spikes are…then exit Raytraced mode, and don’t do anything…and just sit there in idle, and see if the spikes go away and things settle down again. If the graphs show nothing is happening, but the fans don’t stop spinning, I’m not sure there is anything Rhino can do about it.


(BoinB) #28

I did what you suggested:
Restarted my PC > fans are off.
Started and worked with vectorworks and photoshop (large objects!) -> fans are off.
Closed all programs -> fans are off.
Started Rhino 6 > fans start spinning.
While Rhino is idle CPU und GPU (nVidia) run at 0-2% -> fans are spinning.
Startet modeling (mediocre object) CPU and GPU rise to max 7-10% -> fans are spinning.
Rhino idle again, CPU und GPU (nVidia) run at 0-2% again -> fans are spinning.
Closed Rhino -> fans stop spinning after a few seconds.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #29

Have you by any chance created a profile that puts the GPU in performance oriented mode for Rhino?

(BoinB) #30

No and i wouldn’t have known how to do that.

Anyway the GPU (and the CPU) is not working hard at all when Rhino is launched. But the fans.


Had similar issue with Dell XPS15 9560 with GTX1050

Gave up solving along the way…
Anyway would be great if this can be solved.

Fan running is fine for me, but likely battery is getting drained as well…
Fan should just kickin when temp rises.


One odd thing that happens on my brother’s machine is that the fan runs IF he runs Rhino when he has a PDF file on the desktop… (Not opened, just stored on the desktop) so something funny is going on there. We never found out what causes it though.
Windows 10 and a GTX970.

(Pascal Golay) #33

Oi. What does Task Manager show about resources when there is and is not a pdf file?



I don’t use that machine, but I just did a test and with never drivers for the GTX it seems to work fine.
So great, now he can bloat his desktop with junk again :wink:

But the point was that just blaming Rhino might not be right. There can be some odd stuff going on, like having a really thin lapotp with a bad fan… or a big load of dust in the fan.

(BoinB) #35

I take it that my fan is good and clean. My notebook is brandnew and I tried Rhino 6 on three different Dell notebooks with nvidia gpu now and its always the same with the fan while Rhino is launched. Besides Janis and Toshiaki have exactly the same problems.
With the help of DELL’s technicaI support-team I tried to eliminate all possible causes for the fan’s reaction to rhino. It took weeks! I even reinstalled windows, updated all drivers, BIOS, etc. DELL even sent me a brandnew notebook! Without any effect.
I think it’s obvious that there’s something strange with Rhino in combination with Dell and/or NVidia and i would be really happy if the Rhino-Team could solve the problem

(Pascal Golay) #36

Hello - what non-default plug-ins, if any, are you running? Does blocking these in PluginManager and restarting Rhino make any difference?


(BoinB) #37

I don’t run any plug-ins so far.

(Jeff Lasor) #38

So just starting Rhino spins up the fans? Nothing else… You start Rhino, you’re staring at an empty scene, hands off everything…and the fans start running?


(Janis Goldmanis) #39


And at least for me the computer becomes slow.
Closing Rhino, everything returns to normal.

Meanwhile opening quite large models in Tekla Structures, doesn’t get anything close to this response from fans.

Disabling geforce gpu for Rhino eliminates this problem, but the compromise is using integrated graphics.

(BoinB) #40

It’s weird, but it is how it is.