Embroidery with Grasshopper

Hello, i use a tool called Embroidery Gcode Generator to generate gcode than i extract points from the code.
I don’t find a plugin which can read gcode directly, this will better to extract points faster and the real colors.

  • Create dst file with Embroidery software.
  • Convert dst file to gcode with Embroidery Gcode Generator; sadly the tool is very old and can’t save the gcode ,so i need to copy it manually.
  • Extract points with Grasshopper, the animation is possible but it need long time.


Grasshopper can read gcode file (*.GC) like any text file with Read File component


Animation with colors


Embroidery needle animation


Needle moved, Needle fixed


This is awesome! I love how you also included the z-height of the thread in the most recent animation :heart_eyes:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:
this work will be better with you addon

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Embroidery with robot


can you recommend a Embroidery software?

This is awesome!!!
What do you use to generate the thickness with that amount of lines?

There are many softwares and many of them looks similar and are very expensive.
If you buy a machine use the software included.

I use mesh pipe with low settings

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Which one do you use?

I use Chroma

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There are several benefits to using a grasshopper over chroma for embroidery. First, a grasshopper is smaller and more portable than a chroma. This makes it easier to move around and take with you on trips. Second, the grasshopper has a quicker stitch time than the chroma. This means that you can finish your projects faster with a grasshopper. Finally, the grasshopper is less expensive than a chroma.

Chroma have a free version which i used, and embroidery softwares have more tools and designed to work with embroidery machines, we can’t do that with grasshopper.
As you see in the videos i used grasshopper to create animation, not for create embroidery designs from images.