Displacement on rhino5

Hello, I’m having difficulty with the tool Displacement:
I want to make a mold, with a jpg doing the relief.

  1. make a cylinder
  2. applydisplacement, mapping channel1, black -3mm, white 0mm;
  3. (mapping menu) UV edit, I make a square around the face I want;
    Result: sometimes it gives me what seems to be a bug, or doesn’t work, or works. If it works,
  4. convert to mesh and extractmeshfaces.

Print screen and files: https://we.tl/t-VKEG7YAYWN
teste3, it worked;
teste4, it didn’t.

JPG file has bad resolution.

Could be my computer’s graphic board?
How can I solve this?


Hi Ana - this seems to work OK in V7, I’ll see how it works in V5, I see that it is a V5 file.
That said, your image is very low resolution - you really need a better/smoother gray scale for nice displacement.

Here is a V5 that seems to work - I quickly adjusted your image to be a little larger and a little smoother as well, but it is only a little better, not good, for displacement. I also boosted the mesh memory limit. You may want to add a refinement step as well.

teste 4_PG.3dm (171.4 KB)