Embeding issue

Hi, I use Vue on my website and the part of the embed code <script>document.getElementById('sd-iframe-14242').onload = function(){this.contentWindow.postMessage({'iFrameInit':true},'https://www.shapediver.com');}</script> will not work in this case, Vue create a virtual dome.

Though it works without this script https://codesandbox.io/s/nkx4on8p9m

How important is this string?

Is there a workaround for the Vue users? I have in plans to use API access

When you try to use the API, the embedding will likely not work correctly without the onload function.
We are about to release a new version of the viewer and API which provide much more flexibility and should work seamlessly with frameworks like vue, so I would recommend that you wait for this release before experimenting with the API. It will be released in December.

Hi, thank you, will wait defenetly