SDVReflector is not defined Embedding with iFrame


I am trying to integrate a shapedriver model with iframe into a html-based web application and I am trying to get data from the user’s input, but I keep getting the error: SDVReflector is not defined. I have been running my code locally instead of on the server, but I am not sure if that would affect it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you advance :)) I have attached my code for reference.

shapediver.html (1.1 KB)

Try to rename the id of the iframe sdv-iframe instead of sdv-frame. If that still doesn’t work, look at how this template listens to messages coming from the iframe to make sure the viewer is fully loaded before calling api functions.

I am running into the same issue (SDVReflector is not defined). In the template you are linking to this is also the case, see the console output.

I updated the pen slightly to make the code more stable. With this version, the api object should be ready in any case before calling api functions: