Elevator mode on a mac running windows

I can’t access elevator mode on my mac while running rhino in windows, the cmmd/ctrl key equivalence seems not to hold in this case. When I click the mouse holding the cmmd key, I get a pop up window with a variety of action options (trim, join, explode etc.) but no joy on z axis input. I’m sure I’m overlooking something, but no combination of special keys, r or l clicking gets me there. Anyone have a solution to this?


Bootcamp partition or virtualization?

Windows and rhino installed on a bootcamp partition, but running in virtual machine Fusion, so it appears on the mac desktop.

Running natively on the Bootcamp partition is supported. Runn that under virtualization is not, and probably the source of your Command key issues.

OK, thanks. I guess I’ll have to stick with whatever work arounds I can manage.