Elements in nested blocks don't appear when opening a dwg

Problem when opening this .dwg which has nested blocks:
aergasergaergae.dwg (110.5 KB)

Lines are in blocks, but text is outside blocks.

In AutoSAD:

In Rhino:

Hi Daniel - Hm - here, the text is one block with both texts - is that much correct? The lines are in a separate block but not inserted as far as I can see - in theory, two sets of lines and the text (three blocks) are nested into another block, and we should be seeing that block, is that correct?


@Pascal yes, that is almost correct, but text objects are not a block themselves, rather they are inside a block that also contains two instances of block with the lines… in other words:

"container block"
 |--text object 1 "Goods Lift"
 |--text object 2 "Goods Lift"
 |--block instance 1
 |--block instance 2

For some reason like you said blocks with the lines are not inserted (they show up correctly in autocad though).

Hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:

OK, thanks, I’ll add this info to a bug track item.

RH-72439 Open DWG: incorrect blocks in Rhino


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Great, thank you!

RH-72439 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 29 Release Candidate

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