Grasshopper - String Value List - Manipulate

Hey teacher,

I am trying to manipulate the String Value from Revit list as you can see below:

I want to split the “string” at “id”, so then I can cull all the duplicate strings, and get the result shown at the right side.

I try to use “id” for the “Text Split” component, but it will break into 2 letters - “i” and “d”:

I am wondering if there is a component which is the reverse of “Concatenate” so I can break one string into 2 shorter strings,
or maybe “Evaluate” or “Expression” helps…
Thank you so much for your help!
I attach the .gh file as well.
String (9.7 KB)

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You can do something like this…
RiR-String (16.0 KB)

Hey Japhy, you are the BESTest!!!

Thank you so very much for answering all my questions so promptly,

I will put everything revit related into the category: Rhino.Inside - Revit.

This is so cool,
There are two outputs for the components “Element Types” , one can be used to get my result!

it just little strange to connect “Type” output into “Element”

Thank you so much for the help!!!