Element Geometry component and depth of the branches


why the depth of the branches in the Element Geometry component has changed? In previous versions the component increased by one the number of levels in the branches, but in the latest release (v1.11.8410.29937) it is increasing it by two. The same is happening with the Release Candidate version (v1.12.8417.6530) and the Daily Build version (v1.13.8417.24479).

I noticed this because all of a sudden my scripts that were relying on the Element Geometry component are not working as they used to, because I was considering just one level increase. I also tested them on the same samples that I have for testing. For example, I was using this to remove the elements from the Query View Elements component that did not contain any geometry, by comparing it with the result of the Element Geometry (as you can see in the image).

Fixing it is not a problem on my side (I can graft twice), I am just wondering which is going to be the future standard for this, or if this may change again.

Simplify at the Elements output?

Yes, simplify works, not a problem, I was just wondering about the change :sweat_smile:

if you really want to know…

Use the Suirify component where simplify doesn’t do the job.

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Hi @fcegnam,

This has changed in v1.11 to output same branches even the ‘Expand Dependents’ options is disabled.
This way you can switch this on and off without having to accommodate the downstream components.

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Thank you @kike and @Japhy for your help!!