I don't fully understand "simplify"


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Some help please!
It’s one of those things that if you don’t clarify from the beggining they come back to haunt you:
I just want to perform an operation between a set of curves and the shifted list of those curves.
The problem is that when they reach merge they have a different depth. I used simplify but the list persists in having two levels. Why would this happen?
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Nobody answers…
stupid question or difficult answer?

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Simplify simplifies based on branch comparison. There is no branches to compare in your case, there is just one branch.



“As you correctly noticed the Simplify action will only work on trees with multiple Branches. When a path is {0;0;0;0;0} it might seem obvious to you that you just want {0} but what if it was {0;0;1;0;1} should it be {0}, {1} or {1;1} or even {0;0;0}?”


Replace Merge with Entwine.

If those are the only options, I guess the appropriate reply is “stupid question”. :wink:

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hahaha, I don’t lament it though because you both helped me a lot!
Thanks guys!!!


Just to elaborate and perhaps avoid another thread on this subject, one of the common issues in doing this is wrapping the lists when you really don’t want to pair the first and last items. This is the pattern to avoid that. Set Shift W (Wrap) input to false and use Short (Shortest List) to lop off the last item in the original list.

ShiftList_2018Feb1a.gh (132.2 KB)

By now, I hope you’re beginning to realize that newbie questions and thread titles are often barking up the wrong tree, so to speak. Misguided framing of the problem.

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That’s not the case here (I want the first to operate with the last) but useful to know for other cases!

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Oh, and btw a forum related question: how do you enclose a word in a box as you did here?

I don’t see a button that does that.

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You use the html keyboard tags. <kbd> Content </kbd> gives Content

Troubleshooting with divide domain : exact dimensions of panels from a curved surface
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From what I understand from your posts, it’s a way to clarify you’re talking about a component no?

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Yeah I prefer to put component names inside a box. Just to make it clear where the sentence ends and the name starts and vice versa.

Also note you can use \LaTeX to show more readable mathematics: Math notation

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Thanks! very useful!
just a suggestion: there should be an ‘intermediate’ guideline for posting with all this (and other) info
so as not to scare the new users with its length but exist for referencing in one place.