Elefront grasshopper plugin crash repeatedly after upgrade to R18

After upgrading to R18 my script using Elefront plugin crashes from time to time. And after some trouble shoot it seems like even if I have only one simple component like “Referenced by Layer” in my canvas and click “update” multiple times it will start to crash. Food4Rhino review is down for the moment so I’m commenting it here.

Thank you!

i use elefront regularly and haven’t had an issue. I would bet its the geometry you are referencing.

I’ll test something else but my geometries are 20+ simple rectangular extrusions created natively in Rhino, hard to see them having any issue.

And it doesn’t always crash, it only crash if I hit “update” several times (10+). Once it crashed it will crashed for every time I click “update”, always after the entire canvas is already executed ( I have Human UI running and the windows will refresh ok and then crash).

Edit: Just tested, even if I have 50 simple box extrusion, and using Referenced by Layer, click update about 10 times and it crashed.

post your system info for the McNeel people.

Like i said, i haven’t had any issues what so ever and those components haven’t changed at all, so has to be something to do with your setup or geometry.

I’m not sure if Elefront has options for parallel computing, but I was having a lot of crashing issues with parallel computing enabled on native GH components, and disabling all parallel computing fixed my crashing issues.