Elefront define layer material bug


There seems to be an issue with the define layer component in Elefront. It is assigning it a material (which isn’t the default material) even though no material is specified. Using an empty string or a value listener doesn’t work either.

BTW the way that the inputs is hidden by the dynamic inputs is super confusing. Is this the default setting of GH or the component itself?


Try putting a material into it

@Rickson yes that works but I want to use the default material, which I guess is no material at all?

yeah, once you make materials they will show up in the dynamic value list

This sounds like a bug. I will look into this.

Hi @Rickson

Is it not possible to generate new materials with elefront like it is possible with Human?
error message: 1. Solution exception:eleFront could not find a Render Material with the name White