Elefront Bug: Define Embedded Block with non-origin plane


Can anyone else reproduce this bug in Elefront? It seems that setting a plane location as anything other that the origin point results in unexpected Block locations (it looks like the new plane coordinated are added to the old plane coordinates).

Steps to reproduce;

  1. Open the attached Rhino and GH files
  2. Move the Block Definition Plane - the inserted blocks keep moving to the right irrespective of where the point is moved to.

Block Example.3dm (1.2 MB)
Block Custom Origin Bug.gh (8.8 KB)

I think somehow the original reference to the geometry is getting modified by the block creation process - very funky.

You can see something strange happen when you check the preview of the Original geometry ‘param’ reference.

Hi @Patt

I seem to get the same error.
As soon as I connect the referenced geometry to the Define Embedded Block component, the original referenced geometry seems to be offset equivalent to the internal origin → base plane vector.
It also seems like the defined block uses {0, 0, 0} as reference plane, not the provided base plane coordinates.

This results in an offset block, when inserted into the document.

elefront_block_test.gh (92.4 KB)

I ended up using components in Human that didn’t have the same problems. Hopefully it gets fixed in Elefront soon though as I prefer an Elefront workflow.

Yeah, me too. I hate this bug. @krahimzadeh any solutions to this? It’s been months. I really need Elefront 5 to work because of the Push Block component, it’s really helpful for fast iterations.

Create Ramp Bug.gh (47.6 KB)

Thanks for tagging me, I missed this post, sorry all. I’ll try to get it sorted this week.


5.1.7 has been uploaded and should resolve this issue.